TFR Helps Bastrop Fire Victims

Weeks after the Bastrop wildfires, many victims who lost their homes are now looking at re-building. In the meantime, there's the cleanup.

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Cleanup Underway at Westbrook Cemetery, Dec 3


TFR hits the ground running as soon as a disaster strikes, and oftentimes, prepositions necessary logistical support to expedite our response. We can mobilize our expert project managers, experienced crews and state-of-the-art equipment within hours allowing for immediate assessment and rapid deployment.


TFR carefully coordinates every disaster recovery and debris management plan to meet the needs of the community. Our extensive planning coupled with our project expertise uniquely enables us to provide extremely accurate time/cost estimates on any and all projects. We pride ourselves on exceeding expectations.


TFR provides support and technical assistance to help clients navigate the complex maze of state and federal public assistance programs, including the ever cumbersome FEMA reimbursement programs. Our goal is to aid communities in the recovery effort and return to normalcy as quickly as possible.